Windows Services

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Windows Services

PDQ Deploy uses two Windows services—PDQDeploy and PDQDeployRunner—to perform its operations. These services are critical to program function; if they are not enabled, PDQ Deploy cannot run its deployments.

Background Service

Target Service

Background Service

The PDQ Deploy background service, PDQDeploy, is a Windows service that processes all schedules and deployments on the console computer.

NOTE: Remember that with Windows Services each service has a Display Name and a Service Name. We refer to this service as the “Background Service” but, according to Windows, the Service Name is “PDQDeploy” and the Display Name is “PDQ Deploy”.

The background service requires administrator credentials to access computers on the network. By default, the first set of credentials entered when configuring PDQ Deploy are used; however, you can change the credentials used for the the background service in Preferences > Background Service. If the service isn’t running with the proper credentials on the console computer, then all deployments are queued until the service is restarted with appropriate credentials.

You can start and stop the background service in the Preferences > Background Service window or you can use the standard Windows administrative tools. By default, PDQDeploy starts when you boot the computer where the PDQ Deploy console is installed.

IMPORTANT: No deployments are executed unless the background service, PDQDeploy, is running.

Target Service

The PDQ Deploy target service—PDQDeployRunner-n (e.g. PDQDeployRunner-1)—is a Windows service that is executed on target computers to perform deployments. During deployment, the target service is copied along with the package’s installation files to a directory on the target computer which is on a default share. The default location is ADMIN$\Admin Arsenal\PDQDeployRunner. This location can be configured in Preferences > Target Service, however, the default settings should be changed only if your environment has policies against using the ADMIN$ share on target computers.

NOTE: The ADMIN$ share is created by Windows using File and Printer Sharing and is the Share Name of the Windows directory.

IMPORTANT: Enterprise mode is required to change the PDQ Deploy target service settings in Preferences.

After the target service is copied to the target computer, PDQ Deploy remotely starts the service, then the target service locally installs the package files.

The target service can run on the local system using either the credentials used for the deployment or the Local System account, depending on what type of network access is needed and the specific needs of the package in question. As with all services, the account credentials require the Log On As a Service Privilege setting in Preferences > Background Service.

After the package files are installed, PDQ Deploy deletes the PDQDeployRunner service from the target computer.




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