Update Notes

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Update Notes

Versions over 18.1

Update notes have moved. In the console, navigate to Welcome to PDQ Inventory. Next to the version, click Changelog.

Version 18

Version 18, Release 1


In order to improve our products and hopefully fix bugs before they reach the end user, we now gather anonymous data. You can opt-out in Preferences > Logging.


The Metropolis Dark theme contained some elements that were hard to read.

CPU L2 and L3 Cache columns now show in KB, MB, or GB.

Links in Remote Control under Preferences have been updated.

Active Directory OU items are now removed from the tree when all computers in the OU are removed from PDQ Inventory.

Version 17

Version 17, Release 2


Changes to the update mechanism required for future development. No changes were made to the console or the interface.

Version 17, Release 1

Known Issues:

The general release of the Agent resulted in extreme stress to our existing infrastructure, with the Agent itself performing below our standards. As such we have reverted it back into beta status while we work on fundamental changes to the architecture.

The generic config file does not currently work for configuring the Agent. Please use the manual config file or install directly from the console using Computer > Install Agent (BETA).


Ability to prioritize queued scans.

Create a Dynamic Collection of an installed application from the Applications page of the Computer window.

Needs Reboot now includes the reason why.

The Target Service preferences page is now easier to use.

Ability to move multiple columns at once and drag and drop in the Edit Columns window.

Client mode no longer needs to re-enter the license information when upgrading or renewing the license.

New Server host name variables.

Additional information displayed on the License window, including Technical Contact.

Distributed Wake-on-LAN now displays the name of the relay computer used.

Warning about Caps Lock when entering a password.

Windows Server 2019 has been added to the default Collections (technically added in 16.6, but yeah...).


Occasional integration issues between PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy are no longer an issue.

Upgrade issues found in 16.6 with Log.db and InboundMessages.db have been fixed.

The Reboot/Shutdown tool now correctly distinguishes between computers rebooting or shutting down.

Reports and Print Preview no longer display memory in KBs.

Picking a filter value for the 'Memory' column on the Collection page no longer displays in bytes.

Typing a filter with Custom Field columns on the Collection page is much quicker.

Time zone is now reflected correctly.

A new window opens for each Run Command tool to prevent it being run on previous computers.

Scans on Agent computers that would occasionally get stuck on Local Users & Groups are now working as intended.

Version 16

Version 16, Release 6


Performance improvements including Agent, CPU, and memory consumption.

Installing on a non-system drive no longer prevents integration with PDQ Deploy.

Opening Processes page of the Computer window no longer results in an error.

Open in File Explorer hyperlink is now working as intended.

Using Member of a Collection in a report now accurately pulls the correct collection membership.

Collections no longer display 'Membership Updating' indefinitely when used in conjunction with Agents.

Last Scan Profile no longer occasionally displays incorrect information.

Running a Wake-on-LAN from a Client console works as expected without errors.

If the connection is lost with a scan target, the Scan Status will now display 'Connection Lost' instead of staying on 'Returning Data'.

Scans run against unavailable Internal Agents fall back to a standard scan instead of staying on 'Waiting for Agent'.

The Services page of the Computer window authenticates with the Scan User.

The Current User Display Name no longer returns a blank value after scanning.

Disk Drive Serial Numbers are now using two different methods to obtain a value for more accurate reporting.

Uptime and Boot Time now reflect accurately based on the time zone of the console computer.

Network Discovery:

oIgnores responses that come back from a different IP address than the expected one.

oNo longer leaves the IP address as the hostname if it can be resolved with a scan.

Local Tools no longer open and leave an IPC connection to the target.

Reports using CPU L3 Cache as a filter are now working correctly.

The Agent is no longer preventing the installation of Windows 7 updates KB4467106 and KB4467107.

Version 16, Release 5


Agent optimizations.

Agents with an Internal status occasionally reported an External status.

Agents listed as Unavailable were not always listed as Offline.

PDQ Inventory Collection condition in PDQ Deploy was occasionally not providing correct results (restarting the PDQ Deploy background service fixes the issue).

Occasionally, rearranging the collections would revert to a previous view when using Central Server.

Environment variables now work as expected in collections.

Fixed an issue where the Process Monitor failed to start.

Server 1709 Datacenter now reports as 'Server SAC'.

Fixed an issue where Wake-on-LAN would fill up the queue and not process correctly.

Selecting the Weekend or Weekend Days Scan Profile Triggers in conjunction with a specific day of the week now works as intended.

Version 16, Release 4


Further optimizations of the Agent.

External Agents now display a NAT IP address.

Active Directory Full Sync now successfully removes all computers and empty OUs that are no longer in Active Directory.

Clicking Refresh on the Active Directory - Browse by Name window caused the window to freeze.

Auto Reports no longer send duplicate emails.

Print Preview was occasionally unavailable for Reports.

Improved performance for large reports that were resulting in the error, "Aborting task abandoned by server".

Windows 10 1803 upgrades no longer cause the error, "Runner service died unexpectedly on target computer".

The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is once again recognized as the unique computer ID.

Security Groups with '/' in the title are now able to be excluded.

Version 16, Release 3

Known Issue:

After uninstalling the Agent, it may still show installed in the console. Clicking Uninstall again will correct the status.


Fixed an issue with the Agent that caused the error message, "The server failed to respond within the timeout, it may have gone offline or the network dropped."

Improved performance of the Agent Heartbeat.

Improved scanning of External Agents.

Internal Agents were occasionally unable to use Remote Commands.

Abort Scan added to the context menu on the Scans and Agent pages of the Computer window.

Agents that were previously installed in Enterprise mode can now be uninstalled while in Free mode.

Unicode characters no longer cause issues with PowerShell scripts in Tools.

Version 16, Release 2


Some External Agents were incorrectly returning an Agent Status of Unavailable. Restarting the Agent service on these computers will allow them to check back in.

Uninstalling an External Agent from the console now works as intended.

Scanning computers after switching from Central Server to Local mode now works as intended.

Collections tied to deployments in PDQ Deploy now update correctly.

Some dates were not displaying correctly in reports with WMI data.

Version 16, Release 1


Added optional Agent and new Agent collections in the Collection Library.

The Files scanner can now scan for directories and has been renamed to Files & Directories scanner.

The Files page of the Computer window has been renamed to Files & Directories.

Auto Reports now have the ability to overwrite a previous report file.

Added the 'AD Is Disabled' column to the All Computers page. This is also available as a filter in Collections and Reports.

Registry scanners can now return results that include keys with no values.


Performance Improvements.

Computers added through Network Discovery now display the full IP address as the Computer Name.

Multiple fixes to WMI scanner and WMI page of the Computer window, including:

oThe columns listed in the WMI page of the Computer window now update accurately when the WMI scanner is edited.

oOccasionally an export or import of WMI scanners caused errors.

oError messages are more intuitive when deleting WMI scanners tied to Dynamic Collections or Reports.

oThe list of WMI scanners in the WMI page of the Computer window is now sorted by scanner name and not scan profile name.

Variables containing multiple underscores now display their values correctly.

PDQ Deploy packages created from a custom tool are now populating correctly.

Integration with PDQ Deploy now works with computers that have special characters in their hostnames.

With PDQ Deploy 16 or earlier, deployments to External Agents that are triggered by the PDQ Inventory Heartbeat will fail.

Multiple fixes to Auto Reports including:

oNot displaying all columns.

oWhite font in emails with Metropolis Dark theme.

oScrolling issues when selecting reports.

oFormatting differences between manual reports and Auto Reports.

oNot all WMI columns were displaying on Auto Reports.

oPDF was not wrapping text.

Tools occasionally were not capturing output.

Scans to offline computers now display the scan status of 'Offline Settings' without having to restart the console.

Changes to Scan Profile names now display correctly and do not require a restart.

Moving collections to other collections no longer creates duplicates.

Version 15

Version 15, Release 1

Known Issue:

Reports and Dynamic Collections that include WMI data may require a console refresh (F5) if the associated WMI Scanner has been recently modified or deleted.


Ability to create Custom Tools that run remotely.

Remote Command renamed to Run Command and redesigned to allow for creating and editing Custom Tools in addition to running commands.

Added a WMI Scanner and WMI page to the Computer window.

New themes for the console, including dark.

The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is now used as the unique computer ID.

Link Speed of the Network Adapter now displayed on the NICs page of the Computer window.

Ability to create a PDQ Deploy package from the Run Command window.

Create an uninstall package in PDQ Deploy from the Applications page of the Computer Window.

Improved the date picker when setting up triggers.

Prebuilt Microsoft

Framework collections updated to 4.5.2+.

Added Windows Server SAC (Semi-Annual Channel) to the list of Operating Systems reported in the Computer window.


Updated confusing error messages about variables in collections.

Auto Report outputs in data format (.csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx) mimic the same format used when running reports manually.

Fixed issues pertaining to 'net.pipe' error messages and included more information about the error.

Occasional errors when exporting data to .pdf, .xpf or .html.

After successfully adding computers to an existing static collection, upon reopening the collection the computers were missing until a refresh.

Exporting reports into .csv format altered the date format for some columns.

Context menu item 'Open and Run Report' is no longer greyed out.

In some instances a registry scan returned the error 'an item with the same key has already been added'.

Hidden Collection Library collections are displaying properly on the Hidden Collections tab.

Deployment data was missing on the Computer window for computer names that began with a number.

Changes to Network Discovery Exclusions were not being accepted until after a refresh.

Importing collections from an .xml file would occasionally duplicate them.

Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 14

Version 14, Release 4


Overall performance improvements


Fixed issues pertaining to 'net.pipe' error messages and included more information about the error.

Occasional errors when exporting data to .pdf, .xpf, or .html.

After successfully adding computers to an existing static collection, upon reopening the collection, the computers were missing until a refresh.

Context menu item 'Open and Run Report' is no longer greyed out.

Changes to Network Discovery Exclusions were not accepted until after a refresh.

In some instances, a registry scan returned the error 'an item with the same key has already been added.'

Occasionally, the Registry path was not populating on the Registry page of the Computer window.

Version 14, Release 3


Added the Ability to scan USB drives for files.


Improved overall performance and sluggish menus.

Creating custom fields occasionally did not show up as a column.

Collections that filter for applications installed before a certain date were not reflecting all member computers.

Fixed some Event Viewer errors for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.

Installing .NET 4.5.2 now prompts for a reboot.

Version 14, Release 2

Internal test release

Version 14, Release 1


With Central Server, the order and appearance of both the tree and data grids on the page are now per user.

Ability to view Concurrent Session details in the Console Users window.

New Collections page on the Computer window that displays all collections in which the computer is a member.

Ability to add collections to a Scan Profile for use with scan schedules.

Added integration of Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) to the credentials.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 now required for the console and all computers.

Preferences > Active Directory > Include Container now displays the computers inside each container.

Ability to open the Computer window from the Wake-on-LAN window.

Ability to export the output from the Remote Command window.

Ability to multi-select computer names from a collection and create a new Static Collection.

Data collected on the CPU page of the Computer window is now available for Reports.

Sharing has been superseded by Central Server and has been disabled.


The filter on the Main Console now includes the ability to show hidden results.

Fixed an issue causing error message, "Locked by X on X - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

Reduced occasional lag while browsing collections that are linked to PDQ Deploy.

Increased the timeout for running large SQL Reports.

Deleted Custom Fields no longer remain as a selection in the Edit Columns window.

'Date' Custom Fields were displayed as 'Date & Time' in the print preview window.

Occasionally upon a restart of the console, the column order would not persist.

Decreased lag time when navigating within the console.

Occasional SQL Pipe timeout error.

Various other bugs and minor enhancements.

Version 13

Version 13, Release 3


Fixed occasional locking issues.

Reduced occasional lag while browsing collections that are linked to PDQ Deploy.

Increased the timeout for running large SQL Reports.

Deleted Custom Fields no longer remain as a selection in the Edit Columns window.

'Date' Custom Fields were displayed as 'Date & Time' in the print preview window.

Occasionally upon a restart of the console, the column order would not persist.

Decreased lag time when navigating within the console.

Auto Report in .csv format were not wrapping correctly.

Occasional SQL Pipe timeout error.

False positive result for Avast Antivirus.

Version 13, Release 2


SMBv1 Enabled has been added to the Computer page of the Computer window.


Dragging and dropping new collections in the tree no longer creates duplicates.

Using the 'Download and Install Now' button on the 'Check for Update' window has been fixed.

Improved performance between PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy.

When exporting Custom Fields in a CSV, the date field now displays correctly.

Potential error '.NET 4 is not installed' has been fixed.

Inability to view Reports from the Reports folder has been fixed.

Auto Reports with an Uptime column now export as expected.

Auto Reports can now be printed in color.

Version 13, Release 1


For users upgrading from Beta to Version 13, in-app updates are not working. The 'Download and Install Now' button on the 'Check for Update' window is not working. Please click 'Download Update File', navigate to the saved file, and launch the update manually.


New product and company branding. Admin Arsenal is now officially PDQ.com! (To update the taskbar icon, launch PDQ from the updated desktop icon.)

Ability to share one database with other consoles using the Central Server.

Background Service, Console Users, Credentials, Custom Fields, Scan Profiles, and Variables moved out of Preferences to the new Options menu.

Collection Page removed from Preferences. Still accessible through Collection > Customize Collection Page.

Added the CPU page to the Computer Window.

License moved out of Preferences to the Help menu.

Preferences need to be saved in order to apply changes.

Repair function added to Console Users to repair security identifiers.

The installation wizard for PDQ Inventory now includes the ability to choose the destination folder.

Print Preview 'In Color' option moved to Preferences > Printing.

Configuration summary added in Help > Current Configuration Summary.

Preferences change log added in C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Audit.


Uptime for computers now displays two units (for example, days and hours).

Tools now refresh automatically, particularly when rearranging the Tools menu.

When scanning a target that is authenticated against an RODC, the Active Directory Description is now displayed.

Improved performance between PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory with a large number of collections.

Filtering using Uptime works as expected and no longer rounds up.

Importing large numbers of collections no longer causes a freeze of the console.

Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 12

Version 12, Release 4


Issue of sluggishness and occasional freezing has been fixed.

Hostname changes are reflecting accurately after a manual Active Directory Sync.

Sorting by file size now sorts correctly by size and not just the numerical value of KB, MB, and/or GB.

Version 12, Release 3


Compatibility with Deploy 13.

.NET 4.7 added to the Standard Scan profile within the Computer Details scanner.

Physical Disk Type added to the Disk Drives page of the Computer Window.

New attachment types added to Auto Reports.

Computer names no longer truncate at 15 characters. To update name, the computer must be deleted and re-added.


Remote Repair can launch from the Help menu without selecting a computer first.

Pasting into the Scan Profile Grid would sometimes cause a crash.

Custom Fields data added through the Custom Fields Import Wizard now display without having to refresh.

Mail Server now supports TLS v1.2.

Sending a WoL to a computer that didn't exist would not timeout.

Some offline computers would show scanning even if a scan was not taking place.

Common names displayed in Hot Fixes.

Version 12, Release 2


Fixed an issue starting the console after installing or upgrading with a different background service user.

Version 12, Release 1


You can now import custom data from a .csv file using the Custom Fields Import Wizard.

Deep Freeze Status added to the Computer window.

A description field has been added to the Tools Library.

File and Registry scan results can now be deleted.

File Explorer can be opened directly from the Files Page context menu.

New column added to the All Computers page called Added From (hidden by default) that displays the method used to add the computer.

Current User (User UPN Name) and Display Name (AD User Display Names) added to the Computer window.

Heartbeat Trigger added to Inventory Scan Profiles.

SMART Status added to the Disk Drives page and the Standard Scan Profile.

The Computer window can now be opened from the Remote Command window using the context menu.

The Main Console Toolbar is now arranged more conveniently by task.


The report description displays while running the report as well as defining the report.

Potential issue with reports having to be saved multiple times.

Issue with copying and pasting filters that would result in multiple rows.

Issue of reading a scan cache from PDQ Inventory 9 Release 2.

Issue when renaming collections not allowing the ability to save.

Issue with the default backup schedule disappearing upon upgrade.

Version 11

Version 11, Release 2


Laying the foundation for an upcoming feature in PDQ Deploy version 12.


When restoring a database from a CLI, a check is made to prevent restoration of a corrupt database.

Potential issue with WMI timeouts.

Version 11, Release 1


Tools Library added.

Custom Tools removed from Preferences and moved to their own tab on the Tools page of the main console.

Overhaul of the Remote Command window, including the addition of a Scan After capability, and delete individual command history.

New columns in Files and Registry to indicate which Scan Profiles returned the data.

The Computer page of the Computer Window has more editing capability for devices that have Allow Scan Disabled.

Tooltips on the variables button will display the current value of any Custom and System Variables used.

Open an Elevated Command Prompt and an Elevated PowerShell Prompt from the Help Menu.

Ability to restore the database through an elevated Command Prompt.

Updated icon for the Active Directory collection in the tree.

Auto Update Alerts in Preferences has been renamed to Alerts.

F5 now looks for new versions of the console.


Changes coming to nested Active Directory Security Groups.


Updated Active Directory folder icons.

The System Drive field of the Computer window now allows for more than one character when editing.

Potential issue with memory leaks.

Version 10

Version 10, Release 1


Ability to hide collections in the Collection Library.

Wake-on-LAN and PowerShell options added to Remote Command.

Console User authentication added to the Background Service.

PDQInventory BackgroundService and PDQInventory ConsoleUsers added for use in the CLI.

Program, Publisher, and Version added to the Hot Fix table for use in Collections and Reports.

Firmware Revision column added to the Disk Drives page.


Case sensitivity on the computer page of the Computer window.

Crash when Windows spell check components are corrupt fixed.

Issues with the command field in Remote Command fixed.

Dates in reports saved to .csv now display correctly.

Header alignment in Print Preview fixed.

Command line outputs for all computers now sorts by name.

Various other bugs fixes and enhancements.

Version 9

Version 9, Release 2


Scans no longer stay in queued status after aborting in some instances.

Various other bug fixes.

Version 9, Release 1


Add computers using four different methods, including the new Network Discovery tool.

Automatic backup schedule of the database added to Preferences.

Redesigned the Registry scanner to use common patterns, wildcards, and exclusions.

Product Keys are no longer scanned and can now be entered manually.

IP Address field is now editable and the Product Keys page is accessible for all computers that have Allow Scan disabled.

Added more information to the Welcome Page, including computer status and shortcuts to add computers.

The Actions in the Services page are now more intuitive.


Applications that do not supply an install date now reflect the last write time (thanks Kdenham).

Files page and Registry page of the Computer window now include links to configure scan profiles.

Clickable links all display uniformly.

Fixed issue with Static Collection window moving members inconsistently and with double-click.

Auto Reports now sort numeric values consistently.

All columns in data grids now have the ability to filter (All), (thanks Ron).

Fixed issue where Custom Tools were not importing in some instances.

Various other enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 8

Version 8, Release 1


New and improved documentation.

Non-Windows devices can now be added to the database with minimal information, with a new icon for user-defined OS.

Redesigned the Files scanner to use common patterns, wildcards, and exclusions.

Auto Reports can be Run Now from the Auto Report page, rather than wait for a schedule (thanks Andrew).

The Computer window now includes the following: SP / Release, PowerShell Version, non-OS updates, BitLocker Drive Encryption Data, Successful Scan Date, and two column display on the Computer page.

Prebuilt collections for PowerShell Version and Allow Scan added.

Applications scan profile now includes the Hot Fixes scanner.

Live Webcast announcements now display on the console (can be turned on or off in Preferences > Auto Update Alerts).

Shared database version and compatibility warnings added to Shared Databases page.

Save Data to File button added to Report window toolbar (thanks Eugene).


Dragging a column out of the grid when running a report now removes the column from view and the report definitions.

Auto Report icons updated to better reflect status.

Scans performed from scan cache now include a heartbeat.

When moving items in the tree, fixed organizational structure issues.

Report names in context menus for are now sorted by folder name first, followed by file name.

Prebuilt dynamic collection Microsoft Office 2007 now includes a negative lookahead for Microsoft Live Meeting (thanks Joe).

Fixed issue with Dynamic Collections where the ability to select a collection didn't expand in some instances (thanks Matthew).

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 7

Version 7, Release 4

Performance improvements on deployments within the Computer window.

Improved speed of writing to the scan cache for large numbers of computers.

Fixed potential spikes to memory and CPU usage when using WOL.

Fixed issue with credentials reverting to the default in the Add Computers window when adding via Active Directory.

Fixed prebuilt Microsoft Office collections to exclude assemblies.

Fixed the Files scanner to scan for C: versus having to state C:\

Fixed issue with printing in color in some instances.

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 7, Release 3

.NET 4.6.1 now displays accurately on the Computer page of the Computer window.

Fixed importing scan profiles from the Preferences window.

Various bug fixes.

Version 7, Release 2

Displays updated to more accurately capture Model, Manufacturer, and Serial number for computer monitors, if available.

Duplicate now works for Collections, Reports, and Collection Library.

Distributed WOL service will stop if the console loses connection.

In the Computer window, Active Directory Path is now called Parent Path.

The Print Preview window now includes buttons for Print All and Print Selected, giving more flexibility when printing from a grid.

Various bug fixes.

Version 7, Release 1

Deployment details from PDQ Deploy are now available in Inventory (Requires Enterprise mode as well as Deploy 7 or later in Enterprise mode).

New Welcome Page.

Webcast announcements (can be turned on or off in preferences).

Print Preview functions similar to PDQ Deploy, the page and grid to be printed must be active.

Disk Drive Serial Number is physical serial number, not the volume serial number assigned by the OS.

Registry key columns (Hive and Path) added to Applications in the Computer Window.

A new warning will allow you to see when your license has expired and if the Collection Library is out of date.

A new warning for Shared Databases will display when another console is not running the same version.

In Preferences > License, the Enterprise User label is now referred to as Enterprise Activation.

Preferences > Collection Page > Add Column is now modal.

Monitor data for Windows 10 updated.

Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 added to the default Microsoft Office collection.

Computer filter fields added to the new/edit Static Collection window.

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 6

Version 6, Release 2

Fixed an issue with distributed WOL where the wake would try to send through an offline computer.

Added Scan for .NET Framework 4.6.

Fixed issue where OS Architecture filters made in previous versions were broken.

Fixed bug where duplicate collections could show up.

Fixed bug in Reports that caused a System.ArguementException error.

Refined how total memory was rounded up.

Fixed a sync issue for the Collection Library.

Additional improvements and bug fixes.

Version 6, Release 1

Added additional columns to choose from for Collection Page.

Added distributed Wake-on-LAN to increase reliability.

Added Target Service page to Preferences.

Added computer count option to collection tree in main window.

View output for multiple computers in remote commands.

Renamed custom items to custom fields.

Improved preferences window to allow importing, exporting, and resetting.

Added option to disable AD Group collections in AD Sync.

Added scan for .NET 4.6 RC.

Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 5

Version 5, Release 2

Fix for bug preventing editing of some custom fields.

Improvements in memory use and performance.

Version 5, Release 1

Added Auto Reports (Enterprise).

New scheduling editor for inventory scans and reports.

Ping all addresses returned by DNS and pick the first address that replies. (Old behavior only chose first address returned by DNS).

Improved Proxy server settings in Preferences (can now customize port, proxy host, etc).

Added warning icon when Collection Library hasn't synchronized in 24 hours.

Changed "Design Report" to "Define Report".

Various bug fixes and speed improvements.

Version 4

Version 4, Release 3

Fixed an issue where editing a relative date filter wasn't allowing past values.

Fixed an issue which could cause the scanner process to die on Windows 2003 servers.

Fixed performance issue when scanning certain machines, particularly the Hot fix scanner.

Version 4, Release 2

Fixed issue reporting incorrect data in Active Directory Groups (thanks to Josué for reporting this)

Fixed issue sorting IP Address column which could cause a crash.

Fixed sorting error where Run Time scans weren't sorting as integers (thanks to Wesley for reporting this)

Various bug fixes

Version 4, Release 1

Added scanning for Active Directory computer group membership (used to determine computer membership in AD Security Groups)

Added column called "Other Version" to the Files Scanner. Occasionally some files will have two different File versions or Product versions. If different version data is detected then the Other Version field will be populated the second version value detected

Added Creating a Collection from a Basic Report

Added Creating a Basic Report from a Collection

Added AD Parent Path column in the Computers table. This shows the full AD path of the computer's parent container.

Add flat icons for an improved look and feel

Version 3.1

Version 3.1, Release 4

Fixed an issue where system-wide custom tools weren't always enabled.

Fixed an issue where corrupt or inaccessible group members could cause Active Directory browsing to fail.

Fixed an issue where the Active Directory scanner could conflict with AD Sync information.

Fixed an issue with importing non-supported collections.

Version 3.1, Release 3

Fixed some large performance issues which certain kinds of collections.

Fixed an issue where scans would get stuck in Queued status.

Fixed an issue where the Remote Command History window could cause an error.

Fixed an issue where aborting scans might cause the scan queue to lock up.

Version 3.1, Release 2

Performance improvements in background service.

File and Product version columns now sort correctly in reports.

Fixed an issue during console start up after upgrading from certain versions.

Fixed an issue where system-wide custom tools may not start properly.

Fixed an issue where changes to a dynamic collection weren't updated immediately.

Fixed an issue where scanning services can result in UNIQUE Constraint errors.

Fixed an issue with warnings about using custom items in collections.

Version 3.1, Release 1

Targets now require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher instead of 3.5.1.

Can now scan for Windows Task Schedules as defined using Task Scheduler. (Enterprise)

Added Enterprise level licensing.

Introduced Scan Caching feature (Enterprise only).

Introduced Collection and Report sharing (Enterprise only).

Offline computers receiving WOL packets are now placed in a separate queue. This frees up concurrent connections which allows other computers to be scanned without waiting for WoL to succeed or timeout.

When a computer comes online an inventory scan will be attempted if the Scan Age criteria has been met.

Added ability to drag and drop computers into Static Collections.

Import Static Collection members from text or CSV file.

Added left and right arrow keys to collapse and expand items in the main window tree.

Added identification of .NET 4.5.2 to Computer scanner.

Added SKU as a column in the Collection Page.

Moved License from File menu to Preferences window.

Update computer name from the Computer window.

Fixed sorting for the IP Address column in report output.

Fixed display of the last successful scan in the computer window.

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Version 3.0

Version 3.0, Release 6

Fixed a possible bottleneck when scanning offline computers.

Increased performance with a large number of computers in AD collections.

Increased performance when using the Member of Collection table in Collections and Reports.

Version 3.0, Release 5

Improved console responsiveness with larger databases.

Improved collection update performance.

Fixed a bug which could cause the registry scanner to fail with a "no table" error.

Version 3.0, Release 4

Fixed a bug which could cause excessive temp files when attempting to scan a large number of offline computers.

Fixed a problem where upgrading could cause the background service to be started with incorrect credentials.

Added ability to abort scans from Scan Status window.

Fixed a bug causing the wrong icon to show in PDQ Deploy when browsing collections.

Fixed a bug which could cause an error while adding new computers.

Fixed a possible problem when selecting columns in an SQL report.

Added a new collection for Internet Explorer 11.

Version 3.0, Release 3

Improved start up time of console.

Fixed a bug which could cause the background service to crash.

Added identification of .NET 4.5.1 in computer scanner.

Fixed an issue with the Active Directory scanner that could cause a computer's host name to be shortened.

Fixed an issue adding computers where the name starts with a number.

Fixed an issue with the Product Key scanner that could cause it to fail on some versions of Windows.

Fixed an issue where an "index out of bounds" error could  be thrown in some circumstances.

Version 3.0, Release 2

Fixed an issue where an "Out of Bounds" error would be thrown from the background service.

Fixed a "Value cannot be null" error with Remote Repair when running locally.

Fixed an issue where grouping would get lost on certain grids.

Fixed an issue where the collection page wouldn't scroll when typing computer names.

Version 3.0, Release 1

Added a new O/S field on the computer with a short O/S name.

Added Active Directory Last Logon field to computer.

Added Full Screen and custom size options to Remote Desktop.

Added Visio to the Product Key Scanner.

Added Project to the Product Key Scanner.

Added driver information to the Hardware Device scanner.

Added driver version to the Printer Scanner.

Added incremental searching by typing within a grid.

Added Collection Library.

Added System and Custom Variables.

Added Chassis to Computer Scanner.

Added port option to Remote Desktop settings.

Improved speed of updating collection membership when changing variables.

Improved the speed of aborting scans.

Fixed the Computer Window to maintain filters when switching between computers.

Fixed an issue where some Application Uninstall Strings weren't properly surrounded by quotes.

Fixed an error upgrading static collections from version 2.0 and earlier.

Fixed an error scanning applications in certain situations with partially loaded registry hives.

Fixed an error when pasting copied scanners in a scan profile.

Fixed possible error when creating new Active Directory collections on computer scan.

Fixed an issue where Dynamic Collections didn't properly drill down from Static Collections.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1, Release 2

Additional improvements to performance of collection membership updating.

Added prebuilt collection for Microsoft Office 2013.

Added product keys for Office 2013, Autodesk, and SolidWorks.

Added System Family, Version, and SKU to the computer scanner.

Allow filters to move between groups in reports and collections.

Fixed changing of filter order in collections and reports.

Added Serial Number to the Disk Partition scanner.

Fixed product key for Windows 8 and Server 2012.

Fixed an issue with using a local account for the background service.

Fixed a potential issue upgrading collections from older versions.

Fixed a possible issue when sending multiple Wake-on-LAN requests.

Fixed sorting of Uptime in the collection page.

Fixed an issue displaying reports with certain grouping settings.

Fixed an issue where the print page orientation could change when printing.

Fixed an issue where a file scan could fail with a "Path too long" error.

Fixed a problem where scans could get stuck requiring background service restart.

Version 2.1, Release 1

New Report Engine used by Collections and Reports allows more flexible filters and shares the same interface.

Added Custom Items to allow for additional data to be manually tied with a computer.

Scanning for Product Keys (Windows and Office).

Added Processor Cores to computer scanner.

Added BIOS Asset Tag to computer scanner.

Added new prebuilt collections for memory.

Added a prebuilt collection for Internet Explorer 10.

Added options to configure the Windows Service Manager TCP Connection.

Added option to AD Sync to not sync disabled computers.

AD Sync no longer imports Windows 2000 computers.

Added Printer Driver column to reports and collections.

Added Remote Repair tool to Help menu to quickly open for selected computer.

Set scan user to Active Directory user when importing computers from Active Directory.

Fixed an issue importing collections with relative date filters.

Improved exporting to Excel to use proper column widths.

Improved display of process memory to make more readable.

Fixed an issue where the upgrade could reset the background service credentials to Local System.

Fixed importing of collections using the collection filter referencing another collection.

Fixed an issue with AD Sync where renames in Active Directory could cause sync errors.

Default WMI Timeout increased to 90 seconds from 45.

Fixed an issue reading the proper name for certain Intel processors.

Fixed an issue with extra spaces in some processor names.

Fixed an issue which could cause a refresh of the main window to hang.

Fixed an issue connect to Active Directory over VPN.

Fixed an issue with false positive on Needs Reboot when certain Logitech camera software is installed.

Version 2.0

Version 2.0, Release 4

Added ability for scans to be started by PDQ Deploy after deployment (requires version 2.2 or later of PDQ Deploy).

Fixed an occasional error message while updating menus in background.

Fixed an issue where Needs Reboot would incorrectly show true.

Added /norestart to MSI uninstall commands.

Fixed a possible problem scanning files in paths with certain whitespace characters.

Fixed an issue with entering a local user name in the initial credentials window.

Fixed possible database error after upgrading from 1.1.5.

Fixed possible issue where the default scan profile would switch back to Standard.

Version 2.0, Release 3

Fixed an issue with scanning incorrect computers when IP address changed.

Fixed an error in printing the computer page in the computer window.

Fixed possible permissions error when running remote commands.

Fixed occasional non-fatal null reference error logged to event log.

Fixed an issue filtering the Hot Fixes page in the Computer Window.

Version 2.0, Release 2

Fixed a performance problem with heartbeats in certain environments.

Fixed an error that can happen when deleting collections under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue preventing resetting a computer's scan user to the default credentials.

Version 2.0, Release 1

Moved to .NET 4 for the PDQ Inventory service and user interface (.NET 3.5 SP 1 is still used for scanned computers)

Direct access to database SQLite console.

Optimize database for top performance.

Main window loads collection computers in background for more responsive interface.

Fixed bug where multiple credentials with the same name but different descriptions weren't being used properly.

Fixed an issue with opening database files with certain languages.

Fixed error message when .NET installer file isn't visible to background service user.

Changed computer icon in collection page to show online/offline status.

Active Directory browsing uses the same set of credentials as the rest of the application.

Added option to Credentials to test the password while editing.

Added option to not create Active Directory collections.

Add "- Copy" to Collection and Reports names when importing or pasting duplicates.

Added Needs Reboot flag to Computer Scanner.

Fixed an issue when copy/paste would fail with remote control software running.

Increased ping timeout to 2 seconds to deal with slower WANs.

Fixed an issue viewing processes on computers where the scan user is different than the console user.

Fixed issue where heartbeat and scan would fail on invalid DNS result.

Fixed a possible crash when opening a computer from a report.

Fixed an issue where disk and memory sizes may show incorrectly.

Fixed an issue where the IP Address of a computer was being cleared at the end of a scan.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1, Release 5

Support for scanning Windows 8 computers.

Fixed possible error when in resizing grid columns.

Improved error reporting of service scanner failure.

Improved error reporting of application scanner failure.

Extended .NET version scanner to check for version 4.5.

Fixed an issue where collections where left in the database when their parents were deleted.

Version 1.1, Release 4

Computers will now use their short (NetBIOS) name when their long host name doesn't resolve.

Added Accessed Time to the File scanner.

Fixed a possible null reference when selecting a PDQ Deploy installer.

Improved IE version scanner with additional version information.

Improved performance of starting PDQ Deploy in certain situations.

Fixed possible crash when scanning from Main Window.

Added aborting of Remote Commands.

Added Success Codes to Remote Commands.

Fixed an issue where some Uninstall commands weren't surrounded by quotes.

Fixed issue with margins when printing.

Fixed an issue with editing recently duplicated collections.

Fixed an issue switching between fixed and relative dates in collection and report filters.

Fixed issue showing file modified time in wrong time zone.

Fixed an issue where the Service Scanner would fail in certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where scans would show duplicates when the console was manually refreshed.

Added Host Name to collection filters and reports.

Changed memory display fields to use use decimals (1.3 GB instead of 1 GB).

Changed computer scanner to use installed memory instead of total memory (which Windows usually reports slightly lower).

Renamed report and collection columns for Files to 'Date Created', 'Date Modified', and 'Date Accessed'.

Computers created by AD Sync have their scan user set to the user that was used to connect to AD.

Fixed an issue with PDQ Deploy integration on XP with large numbers of computers, requires PDQ Deploy 2.0 (release 2).

Removed unnecessary event log warnings while scanning Active Directory data.

Added workaround for copying files to certain virtual machines.

Version 1.1, Release 3

Added Uninstall to the Application Scanner and Applications Page.

Fixed issue using Wake-on-LAN with some IP Addresses.

Fixed WMI Not Found error on some Windows Features scans.

Fixed issue with deleted custom tools not being removed from menu.

Fixed disabled Export menu on Report Window.

Fixed possible duplicate key issue in the printer scanner.

Added support for a PDQ Inventory Rollup server.

Fixed issue with collection count displaying in the bottom of the Main Window.

Added integration with PDQ Deploy 2.

Trimmed hidden white space from computer Model and Manufacturer.

Known Issues

oProcesses can show blank user names in some situations.

oClosing the processes page and re-opening it after a couple minutes will usually correct it.

Version 1.1, Release 2

Added version comparisons to collection text filters and basic report filters.

Added Operating System Serial Number value.

Updating to new version creates backup of database in database directory.

Fixed an issue where scans were showing up multiple times in the scan or computer window.

Added Value Type to the Basic Report columns and Collection filters for Registry data.

Fixed issue with Active Directory renames not being properly synchronized.

Changed the default scan log auto cleanup to 14 days.

Fixed occasional "CreateProcess error 32" when anti-virus software would lock the scanner program.

Fixed bug preventing credentials in name@domain format.

Added Install Date to application collection filters and report columns.

File scanner row limit configurable.

Registry scanner row limit configurable.

Added registry entry to disable hardware rendering.

Fixed issue comparing empty date/time values in report filters.

Added a filter header to the top of the report window.

Fixed an duplicate key error in scanning certain computer Windows Features.

Fixed an issue with the Design Report menu being disabled.

Version 1.1, Release 1

Fixed problem with storing the report column settings (width, sorting, etc.) between runs.

Added ability to open shares on a computer.

Printing header/footer can be aligned (left, right, center).

Added created and modified dates to the file scanner.

Fixed an issue printing reports.

IP Address now is updated during a Heartbeat and not just a Scan.

Fixed a problem duplicating an SQL report.

Added scanner for .NET versions.

Creating a new report now sets the scope to the selected collection.

Fixed issue closing the console while viewing processes in the computer window.

Added share permissions to collection filters.

Scanning of Windows Features.

Added BIOS Version and Manufacturer values to the Computer Info scan.

Descriptions added to credentials to distinguish between multiple local accounts with the same name.

Allow selection of scan user when computers are added manually.

Optionally perform Wake-on-LAN to offline computers before scanning.

New customization of items to break the collections into sections.

Allow simultaneous scans from more than one PDQ Inventory console to the same computer.

Added ability to clear the command history in the Remote Command Window.

Ability to View Computer Details directly from the report viewer.

Fixed problem scanning some Hot Fixes on XP computers.

Implemented workaround for problems when scanning some services that would stop with their status was read.

Fixed issue with the updating of Attempted Scan Date on a computer.

Fixed issue when changing the collection used for a basic report.

Fixed an issue where the selected Active Directory domain wasn't being persisted between sessions.

Automatically created collections for Active Directory containers.

New and improved data grids for presenting data.

Extended options for deleting computers with AD Sync.

Fixed cutting of computers from static collections.

Show proper value for binary values in registry scanner.

Added configurable timeout for installing .NET.

Allow computer tools to be used from reports.

Fixed an issue causing the vertical scroll bar to be hidden on the main window when resized.

Allow scanners and scan profiles to be copied and pasted.

Fixed possible crash opening remote admin repair.

Added User Name and User Domain to collection list, collection filters, and reports.

Fixed an issue that may cause scans to fail with SQLite error 14.

Allow collections matching empty date values (equals and does not equal).

Added Successful Scan Date to the computer object with the date/time of the last successful scan.

Added Time Zone to computer scan data.

Fixed error when scanning printers on a core server.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0, Release 2

SQL Reports.

Fixed a problem pasting collections to the root of the main window tree.

Added a description to collections which shows on the main window.

Improved interaction with background service.

Update service credentials when the user's password is changed.

Fixed bug preventing dynamic collections from referencing static collections.

Fixed an issue where computers synchronized from AD would appear twice in some windows.

Fixed a bug preventing use of empty text collection filters.

Renamed Scan Date computer attribute to Attempted Scan Date.

Added collection filters for Local User, Local Group, Local Group Member, and Share.

Fixed a problem preventing .NET installations in certain circumstances.

Fixed a problem that could cause some preference pages to not display correctly.

Fixed possible crash while navigating Active Directory computers.

Fixed a couple of problems selecting and opening computers from the collection page.

Improved performance of Active Directory browsing.

Fixed problem right-clicking on a grid's scroll bar.

Fixed issue printing some non-prebuilt reports.

Improved start up speed of service.

Allow the Active Directory browsing window to be refreshed without restarting console.

Fixed problem where filter on the collection page wasn't re-applied when the collection was changed.

Fixed problem double-clicking on the scroll bars of a list box.

Fixed a problem where wake could fail if invalid data was scanned.

Fixed some problem where using local user credentials would authenticate to an Active Directory domain.

Fixed invalid class error on scan of some Windows 2003 computers.

Improved the boot time scan on older versions of Windows.

Allow for auto update checking to look for new beta versions.

Version 1.0, Release 1

This is the first version, everything is new.




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